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3 months ago
Ancient Florida burial practices to be discussed

On Wednesday, Ryan Duggins will speak on “Florida's Submerged Pre-Contact Archaeology: Investigating and Protecting Manasota Offshore” during

4 months ago
Timeline Photos

In December 2019, members of The Archaeological Research Cooperative 501c3 investigated a possible Paleoindian site in Lake George, Fl. Here Dr. Michael Faught (left) and Dr. David Thulman (right) ... See more

6 months ago
SPLASH Submerged Pre-Contact Archaeology in GoM

Clint's Scallop Hole Site in Apalachee Bay, Florida! #submergedprecontactarchaeology

7 months ago
Rising Seas Swallowed Countless Archaeological Sites. Scientists Want Them Back |

The sea took some of prehistory’s most important archaeological sites. Scientists want to take them back.

7 months ago
Florida Public Archaeology Network - Northwest Region

Archaeologists have long debated how and when people first populated the Americas, and now, modern developments in DNA testing are providing new clues to this mystery. Recently, the remains of two ... See more

8 months ago
The trouble with the curve: Reevaluating the Gulf of Mexico sea-level curve

Free for 50 days!;!b6vCHzPZcQIc!7O6OEmB_PmDioTgqWKdnoHJ5SSiOduh_5jmDZbqfzMygz3H64XxL8Mu_NXcMOJI6rw$

Quaternary InternationalVolume 525, 10 August 2019, Pages 103-113The trouble with the curve: Reevaluating the Gulf of Mexico sea-level curveAuthor links open overlay ... See more

8 months ago
Texas A&M research uncovers theories on the first Americans

Texas A&M University researchers say artifacts found in Idaho that are about 16,000 years old are a substantial discovery that indicates the first Americans may have entered by the Pacific

8 months ago
Timeline Photos

11 June 2019.
SPLASH archaeologists piece-plot artifacts in the Suwannee River and gain insight into the Archaic cultures that once inhabited the region.
#submergedprecontactarchaeology #underwater ... See more

8 months ago
Field photos

Photos throughout the years.

Photos throughout the years.

8 months ago
Florida Public Archaeology Network - Central Region

Great news about the museum at one of the SPLASH Project’s favorite Florida State Parks!

Wonderful news about the Silver River Museum in Ocala...
"This is the third building expansion the Felburn Foundation has done on the museum,” said Executive Director of the Felburn Foundation Guy ... See more

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